About Us

 Welcome to Portugal Depot

 As a first generation born in the United States, there is nothing more wholesome than those delicious flavors that remind us of our home land.  Our family is originally from the northern region of mainland Portugal in the historical province of Minho.  In the late 70's and early 80's, they immigrated from Portugal to Venezuela, eventually landing in the United States in search of better opportunities for their family.  While leaving a majority of their family behind, the one thing they made sure to bring with them was their culture and traditions, something we valued growing up as children and are even more grateful for now.

Today we aim to continue to bring a little bit of Portuguese culture and values to life through specialty food and grocery items available online.  Our goal is to deliver those same wholesome goods that we cherish so deeply.  We offer a large variety of specialty products imported from Portugal and ship anywhere in the United States.  We are constantly adding new items and expanding our offerings.  If there is something that you are looking for and do not see listed on our website, please email us at:  ola@portugaldepot.com. 

Thank you for choosing Portugal Depot.